Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jenna Turns 7!!

We've all been looking forward to celebrating Jenna's birthday for awhile now. We've had no birthdays in our house for 2 months now! That's just too long for the girls to wait to celebrate:)

The night before,after Jenna went to bed,her older sisters decorated the dining room with lots of balloons and crepe paper. When she got up and went into the dining room this morning, imagine her surprise to see all the festive birthday decorations--just for her!!

After breakfast, she got to open all her presents. Each foster sister, and us of course, gave her something special and she had a great time opening all her gifts. She played with these for awhile then it was time to go off to school. Only, she didn't want to go to school today! She shook her head no and wanted to stay behind to play with her new toys. I told her they had something special planned for her at school today too, and she really must go to school. I really don't know what the special thing was, just that her teacher said they'd plan something special for her. Anyway, she then went off to school for the day.

We got her a computerized learning tool that has English and Chinese speaking. She's been wanting a "computer" for some time now and we kept telling her she needed to wait until her birthday and perhaps then she might get one if she promised to take good care of it.

Shawna and Elise, the two oldest, got Jenna an electronic train (trains are one of her favorites) that blows bubbles too. She LOVED it!

Jenna got to play with her new toys for awhile before going off to school. However, later that evening, she insisted she come and sit at the desk to use her new computer like mom and dad do:) She's such a big girl now! Just look at that smile on her face!

It's traditional here in China for the birthday person to cut the cake and serve it to everyone. Jenna was sure to let us know she wanted to do that herself--after all, she's 7 now and can do it all by herself. I did help her dish it out though so it didn't end up on the floor instead of in the bowl.

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