Monday, October 11, 2010

Makin' Noodles

What do you do when you are tired of not being able to catch the noodle lady open? Why, you buy a pasta maker and make your own!! After 2 years of only being able to buy noodles in the morning hours, I finally got fed up. The morning hours are a busy time for us and I have trouble getting there to catch her open. Not only that, it is a very busy time in the village and another reason we try to avoid going through during that time. My husband, Randy, simply refuses to go there during "rush hour" times unless absolutely necessary! It's hard to imagine, I know. Rush hour traffic in a small village like ours?! Believe it or not, yes!! It's typically when cars or larger trucks try to come through and clog up everything. Then you have carts, bicycles, motorcycles and people honking and yelling! Then you have someone who taps you on the shoulder asking you to move a little so they can get on through, when you do another asks to you move a little this way and that way, before long it suddenly becomes the foreigner's fault the traffic is so backed up!! It's all quite frustrating and that's why my husband avoids it at all costs! It's enough to drive even the most patient person crazy!! Anyway, we thought for about $10 we'd just buy our own pasta maker and make our own, avoid the headache of it all! Besides, only once have I been able to special order the egg roll wraps. Since then they wouldn't do it and insisted I buy what they had already made even though all they have is the small round ones. Yet another reason to get it! At least this way, it will be much easier to make our own egg roll wraps too.

The lady who sold me the machine was sure to point out the directions on the box for me to follow. Of course, they were in Chinese....which was way helpful...NOT!! I just politely said, "OK, thank you." No worries, though, I had the exact same type of pasta maker in the states before we moved here. There's really nothing to it.

All the girls wanted to try out the new contraption! Each got their own turns. Although a couple of the girls couldn't seem to keep turning it the same way all the time:) They'd turn it this way, then the other only to find it just didn't work very well that way! They had fun anyway. I think they commented at dinner that it was the best noodles they'd ever eaten!! Of course, you know it's always better if you make it yourself!

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