Friday, October 29, 2010

Makin' Beautiful Music Together

Last night, the English school of New Day hosted a "New Day's Got Talent." The Forever Home girls got to perform, and WHAT A PERFORMANCE!! They looked like professionals! Especially Serena! She introduced herself and all the girls, then announced what they'd be performing. I was amazed as she had very little coaching. They'd practiced their song all week, but never the intro to my knowledge. Of course, I'm sure she's seen it a hundred times on special programs on TV, but I was amazed at how natural she looked doing it! Perhaps she has a future there?! We already know how much she loves to sing and are working on perhaps getting her some piano and voice lessons to help with that passion she seems to have for music. All we need is a coach and/or music teacher. Perhaps we can find one to do both. You can keep that lifted up.

Anyway, the plan was that Serena and Elizabeth was to sing the song, with Jenna and Hannah doing actions. Although they'd practiced all week, with Shawna and Elise as their coaches, and it was ohhhh soooo cute, it didn't go quite according to plan!! Apparently, when the actual performance time came, stage fright set in on 3 of the 4. Elizabeth, who normally isn't shy in the least, hardly sang and wanted nothing to do with the mic. Jenna and Hannah performed no actions, but instead stared at all the people!! Regardless, I was one proud momma!!! I still thought they looked ohhh sooo cute and did a terrific job! Job well done girls!!

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