Saturday, October 9, 2010

Caviar Anyone?!!

What?!! Those kids are eatin' caviar?!! Well, let me explain. We certainly aren't accustomed to eating caviar at our house. In fact, I couldn't even remember the last time we'd had such a thing! It had probably been years and likely at one of Randy's work parties or events. So where did we get caviar in our little village here? One of New Day's directors went on a trip recently and brought some back for the foster home staff. Since only 2 of us even liked it, we split it up and brought some home, wanting the Forever Home girls to have a try. We thought it a great time for the girls to try a special treat. After-all, it isn't every day we get to eat caviar around here! The girls were all excited!! That is except Shawna, who hates any type of fish or seafood. She steered completely clear of any fish egg tasting! The other girls were happy to give it a try though! They all gathered round and excitedly spread some on their crackers...then giving it a taste, all had different reactions as you can clearly see from the pictures.

Elizabeth and Hannah are excited about trying something new! Especially something mom and dad says is great!

Jenna thinks, "Hey, I thought you said it was something good!" She clearly didn't like it much!

Although she thought she'd give it one more try.....just to be sure! Nope, still bad and she tries to shove the cracker towards me!! In the end, none of the girls cared much for these lovely fish eggs that mom and dad thought were so wonderful! I guess you never know until you try it. Now they can say they've tried it and don't like it. However, I think they should definitely try it again when they're older. I know some things I didn't like as a child, now appeals to me as an adult.

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