Friday, October 8, 2010

Look at Serena Ride!!

We are so proud to tell you that Serena has learned to ride a bike!! We wanted to share it with all of you. While it took a bit of doing due to her poor balance issues, she now is able to ride without training wheels. With the past week being a holiday, it provided the extra time she needed to practice her balancing skills. She is quite adamant about practicing all she can and hasn't given up easily. Now, all she needs to do is learn to use the brakes! She just runs into something or crashes before stopping. Randy has been trying to teach her about using the brakes. At one point, she got a bit confused and would press them just as soon as she began to ride only to bring her to an immediate stop. After more explanation, she is beginning to realize that you only press them later when you want to stop. Serena thought this video of her crashing her bike into the bushes was simply hilarious!! Every time she watches it, she laughs hysterically! How many of you remember when you learned to ride a bike and some of these same type of accidents you incurred before getting much better at it?!! I know I sure do!


  1. WAY TO GO SERENA! I'm very impressed you are riding a bike.

  2. aww, way to keep at it Serena! That's some good stick-to-it-ness! I found the video of her crashing into the bushes amusing too.. it reminded me of the videos of me sledding into a tree repeatedly as a kid (luckily it was a tiny hill!)