Monday, August 1, 2011

Serena Has a Birthday!!

Today was Serena's 11th birthday. She received many presents but one special one here that came in the mail. Luckily it came in the mail just today! In fact, though we'd checked in at the New Day office earlier in the day, it had not yet arrived. It wasn't until after Serena and the girls returned home for the day that we got a call saying it was in--so back into New Day we went (actually it was Randy) to get her special gift.

She got a wonderful bear she can dress up and even says special things to her that helps love and encourage her. She also received a beautiful locket and book.

She loved all her gifts and will treasure them always. Thanks so much to her special "friends" for sending those to her!

We are soooo happy they arrived just in time for her special day!

More pictures tomorrow of her special birthday party at the Forever Home and other gifts she received.

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