Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Jobs!

With our girls out of school for the summer, they decided they wanted a part-time job working with the foster home kids. I tried to convince them that they already do that as our foster girls are the very same. However, as you know, THAT is different as they live with these girls everyday. They help out with these girls all the time and it is just so normal now they don't see it as a "job." Sooo they began working each day for the foster home helping out---just can't get enough of taking care of and/or helping out kiddos! We're quite proud of the BIG hearts our daughters have! Keep up the good work girls!!

Elise helps out with the upstairs babies and realized very quickly that if you aren't used to holding a baby--your arm begins to hurt and those muscles eventually build up over time. Elise thinks holding and cuddling the little ones is the best job there!

Shawna, on the other hand, thought babies smell bad too often with dirty diapers, spit up, and possibly spew all over you--then you gotta clean both of you up!! She, instead, preferred working with the little older kids past that stage. Isn't it cool how He made all of us different with differing gifts?!! She does a great job helping teach English to kids who've been matched with adoptive families and need to learn as much English as possible before they leave.

It also includes some one-on-one time just talking and playing with them. It's an important job, wouldn't you say? No more or less important than what Elise does, but both very necessary jobs.

Here Elise helps a little boy. If you're wondering why the helmet indoors--well, it's probably because he wears it outdoors for safety and didn't take it off. He is one of our miracle kids who was never supposed to be able to walk, talk, or do much of anything. Previously having a very severe case of hydrocephalus--you can clearly see that didn't happen. Not only can he walk now with the help of a walker and leg braces, he is a very smart boy! Though this isn't Elise's normal job function, she just jumped in to help him while waiting for Serena's birthday party to start. Our girls love to help whenever needed.

I know it was hard to see his braces and walker in the last picture, so I'm giving you a full view of him when he goes outside for walks each day. He's an amazing boy!

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