Friday, August 19, 2011

Serena's Birthday With New Day Foster Home

The day after we came back from our adoption trip, New Day Foster Home held their monthly birthday celebrations. These kids always have 2 birthdays!! Isn't that great?! Who wouldn't love that?!

Here they crown the birthday princess and she excitedly awaits for her party to begin!

Everyone sings happy birthday and she blows out the candle!!

Here's a video of them singing to her and her blowing out her candle. So sorry I missed getting the first part of the video. I guess I was in a brain fog due to the early morning getting in from the airport (1:30am) and getting up at 6:30am to see the kids off to school and missed that:(( I'll get back into the swing of things after a little more rest:)

Now, this next video wasn't part of today's birthday festivities, but of her birthday party at the Forever Home on her actual birthday. I forgot to include it in the last post and thought you'd still enjoy seeing it.


  1. LOVE the new look of the blog! And the header ... I can't help but notice a new little face? Is this the look of things to come? Can't wait to find out :-)
    I'm so happy sweet Serena had a great birthday! What a blessing that she can look forward to a new year with forever and ever parents too. The English/Chinese computer looks very cool--I'm sure she'll love using that to practice and keep currant with both languages. As always it is a blessing to see the love you pour out over these girls!

  2. Yes, that is a new face,however, it is not what you may think. This is not a new one coming soon to the Forever Home. It is the face of a little minority girl I met while in southern China several years ago while on a trip there. She touched my heart and I've always loved that picture and decided to use it.