Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pull, and Pull, and Pull Some More!!

Since it's always great if we can get the girls involved in cooking projects, we thought we'd make some good old fashioned hand-pulled taffy. Food you can play with! What could be more fun than that?!! After-all, it's not every day that mom lets you play with your food! The girls had a blast helping pull the taffy but soon got tired of pulling.

We'd never made taffy before. It's hard work!! Although it didn't turn out as well as we'd have liked, it certainly was fun. It was a bit soft and didn't hold it's shape well, although it had really great flavor! It was only a handful of ingredients including water, sugar, vinegar and vanilla. We tried to stay away from recipes that had ingredients we have a difficult time getting here such as corn syrup. If you have a good taffy recipe to share, we'd love to have you share it with us! Perhaps it just wasn't a very good recipe. We also wondered if our candy thermometer was accurate too. Whatever the reason for it being too soft, we surely enjoyed it anyway, but would love to make some more sometime with a different recipe!

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