Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dental Surgery

On Friday, Hannah had dental surgery. Due to her previous heart condition, she could not have any dental work done until 6 months after her last heart surgery was complete. Having no prior dental work or preventative care, her teeth were in very bad shape. We saw the same thing with Elizabeth. Both girls required much work on their teeth once their heart conditions improved. It was decided that the best plan of action was to put her to sleep and do all the necessary repairs like they did with Elizabeth. Both girls' surgeries were paid for by a foundation in Beijing. We are oh sooo grateful for their generosity!! They help us out with all the Forever Home girls' dental care. They truly are a blessing!

Hannah had 3 root canals, 7 cavities filled, 1 extraction, a good cleaning, and sealants put on several teeth to help prevent further cavities. Whew!! They were able to complete all the work in a 3 hour surgery.

We went early and they did some tests before her surgery. Once that was done, they got her a room and we waited about 2 hours before they took her back for surgery. During her wait, she expressed her opinion about the whole thing several times:) Although we knew it wouldn't be too pleasant, we also knew it was the best thing for her. Her teeth has been hurting off and on for 6 months. We even had to have one pulled out several months ago as it was just too bad to save and giving her much pain. Then there were abscesses we had to deal with. Needless to say, she REALLY needed to get her teeth fixed!!

Normally Hannah is a real ham for the camera. This day, when I went to take a picture, she said "I'm mad!" then struck a mad pose for me! Although she said she was mad and tried her best to complete the look, she couldn't help but smile while trying her best to frown!! Hannah, you're too funny!!

Then as they say, "Okay, Hannah, it's time to take you back to surgery," she says "Carry me!" I guess she thought if she had to do it, she may as well be carried! Did they carry her? No! They looked rather shocked at her and stated she was too big and she could walk! Nice try though Hannah! 3 hours later she returned on a bed not too happy with me:( After a 2 hour recovery, we were on our way home.

We had left for the hospital at 8am and returned that evening by about 7:30pm. Whew, what a day, huh Hannah?!! Hannah had a new mouth when we returned home!! Hopefully we won't need any more dental work for some time!

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