Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Festivities

Part of our Christmas Eve tradition is to eat by candlelight and watch a Christmas movie while enjoying our special foods. When all the foods are prepared, Elise lights the candles. All the girls get excited!! Wow, they say!

Jenna checks out the candles. Look at that flame! I obviously forgot to trim the wicks, which I did shortly after this.

Once the candles are lit, we prepare to eat.

Another tradition at our house on Christmas Eve is to let the kids open one gift. ALL DAY the girls have been looking forward to this event!! Jenna received a Micky and Minnie Mouse fishing pole from Shawna and Elise. She was thrilled!

Then...... the handle broke off! This, Jenna thought hilarious as you can see in this picture! It continued to amuse her as each time we put it back on, it would come off again only to have her laugh all over again! Perhaps it was more fun broken than not, huh?! I say, least she didn't cry when her toy was broken!

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