Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Heart to Sing!

Knowing just how much she loves to sing, Serena was asked to sing at New Day Foster Home's Christmas party. All week, however, she's said she wasn't going to do it. I guess she was nervous or wasn't confident in knowing the words to a Christmas song. Shawna's helped her practice all week. I wasn't sure if, when the time actually came, whether or not she'd follow through with it. To our delight, and many others, she did!! Her big performance and mom couldn't work the camera right! UGH!! It seemed as though suddenly I forgot how to work the camera, which we've had for a long time! I kept turning it off instead of hitting the button to start the video. As a result, I lost the first song, which was actually the Christmas song, Jingle Bells. So sorry, guys! I did, however, capture the 2 songs following it. Enjoy!

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