Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast At The Forever Home

Yesterday we celebrated at the Forever Home with a family Thanksgiving feast. Instead of turkey, which is difficult to get here and very expensive if you find it, we had roast chicken and duck. It was quite delicious and went well with all the trimmings. For most of the girls, this Thanksgiving was their first and they got to try new foods. Most of them enjoyed the stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy. Although we'd wanted to have cranberry sauce, we were not able to this year. We tried to purchase some dried cranberry's and make our own cranberry sauce like last year, but they just didn't have the cranberries this year. Oh, well! The pumpkin pie with whipped topping was a hit with all the girls!! It was a good meal with close family--what more could you ask for?!!

Jenna was the first to speak for the duck head! I guess it looked like the coolest part and she wanted it--sorry girls, unfortunately, there's only one (except for the 2 chicken heads)!! Yes, she did eat it and did a fine job too! Everyone knows that's the best part of all, right?! Just ask Jenna, she'll tell you!

The next best part is the feet--don't ya know?! We Westerners just don't know what's good! These parts are a delicacy here as nothing much is wasted! It's kinda like it was back in the states many years ago. Now, we wouldn't dream of eating such parts--that is unless you live in China or other countries.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Rippee Family!

  2. We are Serena's secret Santa's for operation giggle. The girls had the best time shopping for her goodies!
    Hope you all had a blessed holiday!