Thursday, November 11, 2010

Farewell, Dear Friend!

Today we are sad to tell you that a cherished member of the Forever Home has passed on. Our beloved hamster has died. After one discovered it, they yelled out "The hamster's dead!" and the rest came running to check it out. They all stood over the cage to find out for themselves and sure enough he was gone. There's little doubt when he's belly up in his cage, especially when you shake it and he doesn't move! Aren't you glad I just showed you a picture of the empty cage rather than one of them all standing over it staring at it? We know that a hamsters lifespan is only a few years and we've already had him a couple of years so he probably died of old age.

We haven't decided whether or not we will get a new one. The older girls, who's hamster it was, were really tired of changing it's bedding ever so often. You know how it is when they get a new pet. They promise to take care of it and readily agree to those terms--when after some time, the newness fades and it becomes more of a chore.

I've thought about getting one for the little girls if they wanted but letting them have the responsibility of feeding, watering, and caring for him. We're still discussing it. No worries though, we still have fish, 2 lovebirds, and a dog so the kids have plenty of pets around!


  1. So dramatic...
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh the death of a hamster.... I sure wish we could send you our rats. :0)

    You have birds too!? Now that qualifies you as mother of the year!!!