Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Purple Potatoes!!

Yes, sometimes we're known at our house for eating weird things! There's probably not much we haven't tried as we are pretty adventurous in trying anything new. Our philosophy is "We'll try anything once, more if we like it!" Soooo when we came across these strange looking sweet potatoes, we just had to try them out:) After-all, how else would we know if we liked them?! By the way, they were kind of a cross between a regular potato and a sweet potato. It wasn't as sweet as a regular sweet potato. They sure were fun for the kids to try. Eatin' purple food was fun! It turns your tongue and inside of your mouth purple! What could be more fun for a kid?!

I think it's also fun and good for the kids to try new things. Sometimes it's even too weird for them and it may take a little extra convincing that they try it. Sooo many things have been new to Serena especially. She's one who looks at something new and says "I ain't eatin' that!" We always make them at least try it. Then what usually follows is a very surprised "Wow, hao chi (delicious)!!" This is especially true of Western food she's never seen before. As it turns out, she likes most of them--even loves some of them and is quite happy when we have them again! But....if she'd never have tried it, she'd never known that it was to be one of her new favorite foods.

Then there's times that we'll never buy that again! But you never know until you try it!! So go and try something new and weird today! Go on, you just might like it!

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