Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Birthday at the Forever Home!

On Thanksgiving, we had another birthday at the Forever Home. It was Tiny, our family dog's 4th birthday! All the girls were excited and had been looking forward to celebrating his birthday. They don't even need an excuse to have a celebration, so any ole reason will do just fine! We all love Tiny and felt as a member of the family, we needed to celebrate his birthday too. The girls all went shopping and bought him a gift. They then surprised him by singing happy birthday and presenting their gifts to him. Boy was he excited! That's more treats than he's probably ever seen at one time!! No, he didn't get to eat them all at once,we put them away and are spacing them out as we wouldn't want him to get sick.

The girls made him a special birthday hat. He wasn't real excited about that and we had to do a quick picture to get him in it as he kept shaking it off. We even fixed him his own special plate of food for his birthday. The funny thing is, this is NOT usual treatment for our dog and he really hesitated thinking he would be in trouble! We'd set it on the coffee table so everyone could watch him enjoy his birthday meal. He knows he's never allowed to get on the table, let alone have a plate of his own! He was sure at any moment he would be in trouble! I think he ate with one eye on us and one on his food as he ate it! I guess it was quite a mixed signal huh?!! After he realized it was okay, he then quickly gobbled down all the meat and wouldn't touch the mashed potatoes and gravy or stuffing. Such a picky eater! As you can see he's not at all a pampered dog:)

At one point in the day, we noticed him sitting by the door as if he was expecting something. This is not usual behavior for him. When I mentioned it to Randy, he said "Of course, he's waiting for his birthday ice-cream cake to be delivered! He knows everyone else gets one on their birthday!" Perhaps we should have thought of that? Sorry Tiny, no ice-cream cake for your birthday. And he loves ice-cream too--maybe next year Tiny! We still don't know why he was sitting at the door, perhaps that is the reason? After-all dogs are pretty smart!


  1. Tiny is too cute! So excited over his gifts from his lovely human friends. My dog is part Chihuahua too and the expressions are so similar. :)