Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snowball Fights

Whoa Sylvia!!  That's a mighty big snowball!  

Emma's too, I think they may be having some help from the older girls on the art of snowball fighting, don't you?!  Her and Sylvia surely had fun heaping it on one of the older girls. See...they'd watched below for a little while as the older girls had some fun and then decided they'd like to join in.  Only.....we know what happens if they really got hit with one.......there might be tears :(  As long as it was one sided (them throwing the balls), they had a blast!!

The older girls showed them how to properly have a snowball fight.

Then....Elizabeth disappeared for awhile.  About the time we all missed her, she was coming around the corner of her hiding place where she made and stocked up a pile of snowballs!  She even worked up a sweat doing it!  It was barely over freezing and was the perfect weather for some fun in the snow!

Holly pummels Elise.  This is great fun, she says!!  Then...........

Elise pummels her and she turns to miss only it caught her in the face.  Yes, she still thought it was great fun!!

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