Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shawna Turns 15!!

Last week, Shawna turned 15!  Where has the years gone?!  It seems only a couple of years ago that we adopted her at the age of 1.

Cutting the cake.

Mollie always enjoys cake :)

Debbie's lookin all dreamy like!  Wonder what she's thinking about?  Perhaps she's dreaming of her birthday--which is next, by the way, and she knows it!

Elise is grinning about something!

Zoe sure likes cake too!  Of course, we haven't found anything she hasn't liked yet!

Elizabeth's all smiles.

Holly poses for a picture.

Emma's ready for a second helping!

Sylvia thinks cake is great and perhaps we should have it every night!

And don't forget the gifts!  This one from Elise, who knew just what she'd like.

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  1. Wow I remember her dedication along with Tyler. They were so little