Monday, December 24, 2012

2 Birthdays on the Same Day!!

Zoe Turns 5 and Sylvia Turns 6!!

On Saturday we celebrated 2 birthdays, Zoe and Sylvia's!!  That's a first for us--2 birthdays on the same day!

Zoe cuts her cake.

Then Sylvia cuts her cake.

Don't you just LOVE a child's excitement at opening gifts?!!

An electronic drum!  Wow!! 

Sylvia was also quite excited to open her presents on her big day!!

A hand clapper and an electronic keyboard (not pictured)!  Our neighbors are just gonna LOVE us for awhile, huh?!  Now we have two electronic drums, two electronic keyboards, a hand clapper, two tamborines, and an electronic keyboard in the house--plus other noisy things I've probably forgotten at the moment :)  

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