Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mollie Turns 4!!!

 We had quite the weekend!  First, on Saturday, we celebrated Elly's big day of being adopted. And on Sunday, Mollie had a birthday!  She turned four and we celebrated with her favorite--a chocolate cake!!

Mollie marvels at the thought "Wow, all this for me?!!"  Not quite Mollie, you have to share some of your cake and ice-cream with the rest of us, but the gifts and special day are yours alone!!

Mollie was quite excited.  Earlier in the day, several of us heard her singing "Happy Birthday Mollie!!"  We all thought it so cute, of course!  You're going to love her video!  She had the same problem Emma had--just couldn't wait til we were done singing to blow out the candles!  Hey, the sooner you blow them out, the sooner you get to dig into that cake, right Mollie?!!

As is traditional here, the birthday girl cuts the cake--which she so happily did!

Then she got to eat some of it!

I think she enjoyed it, what do you think?!!

There's always plenty of gifts to open too!

Toys that move :)

And toys that MAKE NOISE!!  Wow!!  Emma got electronic drums, Mollie got an electronic guitar.  They'll be making some beautiful music!

Elise enjoys some ice-cream.

Elizabeth too!

Emma thinks we should have more celebrations! She surely likes cake and ice-cream!

Holly too!

And Sylvia looks pretty happy too!

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