Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lovely Weather

It's that time of year!  Some days are warmer and others require a heavier jacket with the cool air.  This day, the girls were enjoying a lovely afternoon playing outside at New Day.  Such a pretty smile, Emma!!

Elly, loves playing the big sister role and often is thrilled when she can do something to help out the younger ones.  She happily gives Sylvia a ride--and she doesn't seem to mind a bit!!

Beautiful, sweet Elly!  She is soon to leave us.  In fact, we received notice that she leaves this Sunday.  We will surely miss her sweet face and contagious laughter around here!!  All of New Day will!!

Holly is great at blowing bubbles!  It's one of her favorite outdoor activities.  We continue to believe her forever family will soon find her, but in the meantime, we love caring for this lovely girl.

Emma has gotten pretty adept at climbing.  She wonders what is taking Sylvia so long to get to the top with her!

There she goes!  Sylvia just arrived 2 months ago and will soon catch up to her foster sisters who've been here a bit longer.  She's kinda new at this climbing thing!  Don't worry Sylvia, it was new to Emma and Mollie not long ago too!

Pretty as a picture!!

Mollie, look at her go!!  If you only knew just how fast she can get around on one of these!!  Perhaps we'll have to do a video sometime, huh?!!

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