Friday, October 19, 2012

Giant Hotdogs?!

With a family of 10, we often buy in larger quantities.  Recently we bought some bologna and when it arrived, Holly wondered what this was.  Being rather silly, one of the older girls told her it was a giant hotdog when she asked what it was.  Holly innocently believed it and thought "Wow, how cool!!"  Of course, we told her otherwise but I'm sure she'll still love it anyway!  There's very few foods she doesn't like.  In fact, she often tells us how good we cook. Such a nice compliment.  Having eaten orphanage food all her life, it probably is quite an improvement--more variety and different foods and flavors she's never had.

Lunch meats are terribly hard to get here and if you do find them in Beijing, they are quite expensive.  Therefore we've decided to try some online and they delivered them right to our door.  Well............almost to our door. The delivery guy doesn't like to scale the 6 flights of stairs so he calls and asks us to come down to get our packages :)

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