Thursday, January 5, 2012

Makin' Pizza!!

Someone local decided to bless the Forever Home with some make-your-own pizza mixes. We were really blessed this holiday season! Thanks so much for thinking of us guys!
Anyway, they were all prepared and just needed to be put together--perfect for the girls to help out with!! They like to help any chance they get :))

Holly puts the sauce on the prepared crusts. She thinks this is great! She's adjusting well to our home. The other day I asked her how she liked living here and she told me she really liked it here. It seems to show as she shows us in the affection she often generously gives us. She's a sweet girl!

Elly and Holly put on the sausage.

Hannah puts on some sausage of her own.

Then the mushrooms go on. Lookin' better all the time girls!!

Then topped off with some cheese--gotta have cheese or it just ain't pizza!!

I have to apologize for the bit fuzzy pictures. Since my other camera was getting pretty old, I got a new one while in the states. However, you know how it is when you get something new. It's often hard to tell just how good it is until you use it a bit. Though it wasn't all that cheap of a camera, as it turns out, I'm not exactly pleased with it. It takes pretty good still pictures, but if there is ANY movement going on, it is fuzzy--no matter how still you hold the camera when clicking the pictures!!

Though I usually can get some decent pictures--but often have to take several--my older girls can't seem to get a decent picture most of the time :(( It's a bit frustrating especially since I'm no longer in the states and cannot return it. I'd like to look into getting another one, but not sure what kind to get that I wouldn't have the same problem.

As you can imagine--the girls don't hold still long enough to get great pictures!! They are always on the go and, therefore, I need one that does good moving shots cause even if I get one girl to stop moving, chances are, one of the others in the shot is moving and the picture doesn't turn out:) If you know of or have a good camera for action shots, please email me at the following: and let me know what kind you have that's good. I'd like to order one and have someone who's coming over bring it with them. I'd like it to be in the $100-150 range cause that's about what I can afford. I'd appreciate any advise you can give me on a good camera. Thanks in advance!!

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