Friday, January 13, 2012

Look At Me!!

Look--no hands!!

It is exciting to see the progress Elly is making after just one month here! She's on a physical therapy program at New Day 5 days a week. At home, we also do strengthening exercises each night. That is all on top of the 2 flights of stairs she walks up each night.

Elly wants to walk like all the other children and we all know that a willingness to persevere is the first and biggest motivator in obtaining any goal. Perseverance she has--now all we need is to strengthen those leg muscles enough to allow for the physical part of walking to manifest. We eagerly await and help Elly work towards the day she is able to walk on her very own!! Keep up the good work Elly!!


  1. With our daughter in a leg brace, I understand how wonderful it is to see her walking. If you have any opportunity to get her into a pool, I highly recommend it. Our daughter started the year after her brain surgery by "running" in the water between my husband and I. Her legs and hip strengthened so much that the type of brace has changed to something that helps her run more by keeping her toes up. She doesn't have any scoliosis (almost 7 years later) and we are so thankful. Elly looks FABULOUS!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful idea! However, we do not have a pool any where near our small village. In the summer months though, we do try to get the kids to a pool about 45 minutes from here as often as possible. I know they use water therapy quite often for people in the US and I'm sure it would be quite useful here. Perhaps....some day New Day could have a pool to use for physical therapy patients if nothing else. We can dream anyway!!