Friday, September 3, 2010

Ravioli Anyone?!

You know sometimes we just get hungry for things we miss in the states. Recently Shawna and Elise has been wanting some ravioli so we made some since you just can't get it here. All the girls always have a lot of fun helping out with these sort of things. It often becomes a family project. We made traditional ravioli and fried ravioli since some likes each kind. I know, it looks much like jiaozi (dumplings). That's what happens when you use local things to accomplish your goal. Since it is also a type of noodle, we used the jiaozi wraps to make our ravioli. Although I have often made home-made pasta, sometimes you just want to save a little time so we used them instead. Serena kept calling them fried jiaozi, which also looks very similar, but the inside is very different. We used pork, onion, and cheese, yeah cheeze!! We also made home made marinara sauce and ranch dressing for dipping the fried ones. The girls have fun making these sort of things and we all benefit from tasting them!!


  1. Wow, that looks great! The girls look like they are having so much fun!