Friday, September 10, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Sorry I haven't posted all week, it's just been crazy busy here this week!

Today all the girls were at home studying since classes and therapies were canceled at New Day today. The older girls decided to make it crazy hair day just because they could. I said "Why not?!"

We thought you'd enjoy a few pictures of their creative hairdo's! They still had school at home with their teachers, but were doin' it in style! The girls' new Chinese teacher thought it quite amusing when she saw them and I'm not sure she doesn't think we are completely nuts!!

Oh and yes, we did go out once with the little ones to the local grocery store so perhaps it's more than the teacher who thinks we're more than a little weird!


  1. Those hairstyles are hilarious. I especially love the one of all the girls together. They are crackin me up!

  2. I love the crazy hairdos! The last picture made me laugh out loud!