Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Little Blessings

We are very busy packing and making final arrangements for everything here.  We took a few minutes to make this collage picture to bless Rose, Zoe and Camilla's new foster mama.  It will be something she can cherish now and after they leave for their forever families.  I'm positive this will also bless their new forever families some day.  As an adoptive parent myself, who got NO other early pictures of our daughters, I know how much they will love getting these pictures of their daughters!  New Day also has a copy of it so they'll be sure to get it.

We love and miss Zoe and Camilla soooo much!  We have had a few reports from their foster mama who tells us they are doing very well. THAT just helps us so much to know!!

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  1. this is the most beautiful thing i 've ever seen .