Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's a Jiaozi Party!

For the past 10 days or so, Rose, one of New Day's nannies who has just retired, has been visiting Zoe and Camilla so they can all become more acquainted with one another. That's right, Rose will soon be their new foster mama!  We couldn't be happier that the girls were able to be placed together in the same foster family and we were even more tickled that it was Rose!  We have no doubt that they'll be in good hands and well taken care of.  On Thursday, they will officially move to her home.  The girls love her and are getting excited.
Rose wanted to bless our family by making us some jiaozi (dumplings) today.

Here Zoe gets a lesson on how to properly wrap a jiaozi.

Then she tries one on her own. 

Camilla gets a lesson from big sister Shawna.  Though, what she really wanted was just to skip the lesson and dig into it straight away by herself!

She's admiring what a beautiful jiaozi her and Shawna made.

Look at that yummy stuff just waiting to be boiled!

Though this wasn't even all of it--there were a couple of other bowls full in the kitchen being boiled already, Rose must have thought we were VERY HUNGRY!!  Elise counted the jiaozi and there were 164!!  There were only 8 of us eating and two of them were little girls!  That was enough jiaozi for 2 big meals!  But alas, that's how it's done in the Chinese culture--always more than enough food when serving guests.

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  1. What fun! I'm so glad that your girls are going to be with someone whom they already know and love!