Monday, August 27, 2012

Please Welcome Our Newest Forever Home Girl!

This is our newest Forever Home girl!! Isn't she beautiful?!!  Her English name is yet to be decided/announced--probably later today.

I love how our girls always quickly welcome the new girls! 

We already have observed several things about her.  She likes to color, is happy and smiles a lot, is a good toy picker-upper, and seems to get along well with the other children.

Elizabeth made her feel right at home by going right to work making her her very own necklace and bracelet--which she immediately seemed to enjoy.  We look forward to seeing her grow and mature in our home. We've yet to discover many more things about her but figure she'll likely be in preschool for awhile.  She is 5 years old (6 in December!).

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  1. Such a precious little girl, looking so forward to following along on her journey (-: