Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Elly Has A Birthday!!

On Sunday, Elly turned 7!!  She excitedly waits as everyone gathers to watch her open her array of gifts.  That takes place even before breakfast. Who could possibly eat while wondering what exciting gifts are awaiting her to be opened?!

She opens each one and is pretty excited about all her gifts.

She received candy, spicy snacks, clothes, a barbie, hair stuff, and probably others I've already forgotten.

We got her this Panda electronic toy (all the girls call a computer!)  It teaches English and Chinese and is the perfect gift for most all our girls. They all love these and enjoy playing with it as they learn more of both languages.

After a lunch at the local restaurant where Elly got to chose her favorite food, jiaozi (dumplings), the ice-cream cake is delivered in the early afternoon.  She chose ice-cream over the traditional cake.  The flavor, xiangyu (tarro root), was also her choice.  Good luck trying to duplicate that flavor in America!

Gotta love this video of typical Elly.  She had a bit of trouble blowing out the last candle and got the giggles, then needed a bit of help on that last one.

Happy Birthday Elly!!!

Mollie's wondering if there are any other foods besides ice-cream and bingbongs (pop cycles)!  Not as far as she's concerned!!

Holly seems to be eyeing her neighbors ice-cream.  Or perhaps she's just admiring the cool Hello Kitty plates.  Elly asks me when I'm cleaning up if we could wash them up and save them.  I said they're cool but unfortunately they are paper and sorry, but we can't.  

Emma is wondering "Is there seconds on this stuff?!"

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