Friday, November 25, 2011

New Clothes

What girl doesn't like new clothes?!!!

I don't know what it is about girls and all the clothes and shoes, but it simply does something to you to receive new things :) The joy it brings--well, it's just hard to explain to anyone who isn't a girl! Recently Serena was blessed with some new clothes. She was so excited and very thankful for her gift!

Even new pj's! They're fun as well as nice and warm for the cold winter nights here.

She also received this beautiful dress. When I asked her to try it on, well...she did! "Only, next time, Serena," I said, 'take all the other layers off before trying it on. It fits better!"

The girls are used to wearing so many layers here, us too now. We tend to spend more time outside such as walking longer distances to and fro than Westerners do when they can just drive their cars right up close and then go into another warm place. Not all places here are heated or well heated here though, so you still need those extra layers to stay warm. Not to worry, Serena, when you go to America soon, you won't need all those layers :)

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