Saturday, November 26, 2011

My How You've Grown!

Imagine our surprise when we returned from our trip to the US and saw just how much the bunny, Alex, had grown! Course, baby animals do grow a lot in 5 weeks.

We did recently say goodbye to Alex though. While we were gone, he stayed with a friend who took great care of him. Since she lived in a pingfang (a house on ground level), he had free roam of a large area--a more natural habitat for him. Obviously he loved it cause when he came back, he began to misbehave a bit such as biting. Well, we just can't have a bunny that bites! It seemed obvious to us that Alex got a taste of the good life living in the free and open spaces and when he returned--though he didn't seem to mind it before as he simply didn't know anything else--to his cage, well...he didn't seem to care much about it and let us know in his own little way. Though he wasn't kept in his cage all the time and was allowed to roam around the house for periods of time each day for exercise and recreation, he now realized it just wasn't the good life--now he knew better! Sooo.....we felt it was best to give him away--back to our friend who'd kept him while we were gone. I'm quite sure is now happy to be roaming free--who wouldn't be?!

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