Friday, September 2, 2011

Special Buddies

Though we are all close to Lena, Shawna and her share a special bond.

We have now heard that she will be united with her adoptive parents some time in October. We look forward to this day as it is what we've long hoped for each of our Forever Home girls--a family they can call their very own FOREVER. We love and care for these girls like they were our own. How can one not be attached to them?! Utterly impossible!! Yet it is what we do--something we've known from the very beginning--that some day we will need to say goodbye. So......though we anxiously await this day, we do so with a bit of sadness knowing she'll be leaving us. We also know it won't be easy but believe that we've done our best to help prepare them for this day that they go home with their forever family. We will miss them immensely but know it is the best thing that could ever happen to these girls!! We know first hand as adoptive parents ourselves. We continue to cherish each day we have left with Lena and each one of these Forever Home girls.

Her smile says it all, doesn't it?!!


  1. Beautiful post. So happy for Lena for the love she's had from her foster family and for what's coming from her forever family!

  2. You have prepared Lena wonderfully for what is to come. I know it will be an ending for you, but just the beginning for her. Praying for your family.