Saturday, September 3, 2011


Serena checks her card for what's been called out.

One weekend morning we played some bingo outside in the nice weather at New Day. The girls really enjoy doing bingo and don't tell them, but we make it a learning game. We teach them English terms when they play. Things like types of clothing, fruits, vegetables, dishes, shapes, colors, etc.... They have a great time and the winner gets candy, what kid wouldn't love that?!! We always play long enough for everyone to win a game and if someone doesn't and they are tired of playing, anyone not winning gets a piece of candy anyway. You just can't lose any way you think of it. They get candy and they are learning more English each time. They even get to take turns doing the calling so they are speaking it themselves when they call it out to the others.

Elizabeth and Hannah look for the red mittens that was called.

Here they are all playing together and helping one another out if they don't spot it themselves.

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