Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Have Another Match Cont!!

Here, Serena proudly shows off her new family!!

Serena is very excited about the fact that she's going to be a big sister. She has a little brother!! This is a role she knows and does quite well!

Serena's first stop to announce her good news was the Foster Home office. Here she shares her news with Karen, our director, (Serena has no idea that she already knew--but why spoil her fun, huh?!) and John, another foster home employee.

Then she finds Kevin also to share her good news!

Finally, but certainly not least, she finds her teacher to share her news and pictures with. I doubt much school work got accomplished this afternoon, but that's okay Serena. There are plenty of other days to continue your work. TODAY IS A DAY OF CELEBRATION!!!

On the way home from school, she asks if we can stop for ice-cream. Didn't you know that we would have already thought of that, Serena?!! It's already waiting for you at home! Since ice-cream is everyone's favorite celebration treat, I stopped on the way home and picked some up for tonight!


  1. Praise God! I have been praying Serena's family would come forward. I am so happy for her. God is SO good.

  2. SOOOOooo Thrilled for Serena and her new family!!! What a joyful day indeed! Love the photos! Her happiness radiates from them! Yay!