Monday, June 6, 2011

A Family Affair

As much as possible, we do our best to get all the kids involved in making food.

The girls all love to help out in the kitchen every chance they can--which is usually the weekends or holidays when there's more time for such things. Not only is it fun, but they are learning some very valuable lessons they'll some day need when they are older. This Saturday morning, we decided to make some donuts. Since you just can't go buy such things here, you have to make them if you are hungry for them. So we put on our aprons and go to work! Elizabeth helps by cutting out the donuts.

Jenna helps by cutting the center holes once Elizabeth has cut out the donuts. Everyone loves the holes too!! Then dad fries them all up. Mom's helping supervise to make sure every part is done correctly and, of course, taking pictures of the cuteness of all helping!

Once they're all fried, they must be iced or coated somehow. Sometimes we give them a good frosting with sprinkles, sometimes just glazed, sometimes they get a sugar and cinnamon coating, but today we went with a powdered sugar coating. YUM!!! Here, Shawna gives Serena and Hannah instructions on how to put the coating on them. All you gotta do is put them in the bag and shake it up. HOWEVER, you MUST be sure the top is closed BEFORE you decide to shake!!

Here, Serena and Hannah decide to give it a try on their own. What fun!!!

Somehow Hannah ends up with more on her face than the donut!! How'd that happen Hannah?!! Perhaps we forgot to close the bag before we shook it?!

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  1. As always, your girls look like they are having SO much Fun! Love the Posts!