Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holiday Fun!

Many people have asked us what we did for the holiday since we didn't leave the village. Not really a normal thing for most foreigners as most travel back to the states or site see China or other countries. It is a bit difficult for us to do that with a bigger family, so we enjoyed a good time of rest. Well...we did all kinds of things! We had a good time just spending time resting at home and doing activities together as a family. We had playdough time--where they pretended to eat what they made, only Hannah wasn't quite clear on the pretend part of that, which the other girls found quite funny! The girls also all dressed up in their Chinese dresses and did a tea party serving tea and snacks to each other. They had lots of fun doing that too! We played a lot of Wii with all the girls jammin on the guitar hero (Hannah and Elise especially enjoyed this!). Elise is getting pretty good at guitar hero. Elizabeth is pretty good at many of the other games too, and quite competitive as well! We went on walks every day as well as other things that don't seem to come to mind right now. All in all, it was a good time of rest and bonding for the family as a whole. Now it's back to work! But that's not all bad either as it is kinda nice to get back on some kind of regular schedule. We are really thankful for our time of rest!

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