Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chinese New Year--The Year of the Tiger!!

It was the first year we'd celebrated Chinese New Year in the village. Last year we were in the states for Chinese New Year. We wanted to celebrate right and make it fun for the kids, so we put up Chinese decorations including traditional red lanterns and other decorations. Although not as many fireworks as in the big city of Dalian where we celebrated Chinese New Year previously, we still had a fun time. We bought some fireworks of our own for the kids---some smaller stuff like sparklers and also some bigger stuff like rockets, roman candles, and other aerial displays. Of course, Chinese New Year isn't right without jiaozi (Chinese dumpling) making. Shawna and Hannah decided to wear some of their dumpling ingredients as you can see from the pictures! The kids thought that was great fun and we all enjoyed eating them after making them!

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