Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Little Climber


Camilla is a climber!  Every time you turn around, she's climbing on something.  Not even two yet and she can pretty much get to anywhere she wants. Almost, that is!

Anywhere there's a little lip or place to put her little toes, is a good place to climb :)

Here, she climbs up to watch dad catch the two loose birds who escaped their cage.

And chairs are rather easy for her.

Then there's the buffet, she likes to see if there is anything interesting up there that she can reach~normally off limits stuff, so definitely have to set it toward the middle or back now :)

Then there's the safety gates we put up.  She's always standing and climbing up on those.  Can hardly wait until she learns how to open them herself!  I suspect it won't be long now though. Then nothing will be safe!

OH, this is probably her favorite!  Gets up there and does the superman type move~balancing on her belly while spreading out her arms and legs like she's flying!  Where do they learn this stuff?!

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