Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Having Fun

This video was taken just a day or so before Zoe went into surgery.  Of course, now Zoe is feeling just about as good--or at least well enough to begin this same scene again.  It reminded me of this video we'd taken earlier and thought you all might enjoy it.

This all started out with Zoe trying to tell Camilla "NO!" for some unknown reason.  Camilla instead, thought Zoe pretty funny! Imagine that, Zoe trying to tell Camilla what to do, HA!  Then it just became a game :)

Camilla and Zoe, being the only two remaining Forever Home girls, have bonded quite closely these days. They spend their days happily playing together--well, happily most of the time :)  And I spend more of my time enjoying these precious two little ones than spending time on the computer.  Sorry!  I know I haven't posted in some time.

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