Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Trip To The Flower Market

The flower market here has way more than just flowers. They have small animals and house decorating items too.  It's a dangerous thing when the Rippee family goes to an animal market!  It's not uncommon to come home with a new pet and today was no exception.  It's a good thing we don't go very often or we'd be overrun with animals!  

Zoe and Elizabeth checks out the large fish.  Zoe is quite afraid of basically any live animal unless they are small fish in an aquarium.  

Camilla thinks this is pretty cool, but Zoe keeps her distance from these creepy moving things :)

Fascinated, Camilla takes a closer look.

Lizzie is a HUGE animal lover and has to pet everything!  She wanted a hamster :)

Lizzie tries her hardest to get her to pet this little turtle, but she thought it safer to keep some distance from it.

Shawna and Lizzie bought a guinea pig!  Zoe couldn't believe we'd actually take one of these creepy crawly things home with us!

Elise gives him a cuddle.

Lizzie and her are already close friends.  Now all they need to do is agree on a name for her!

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