Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy, Happy Holly!

Holly is one of those girls who often has a smile for you when you walk into the room. She always greets you each morning with a "Good morning, Mom!" or "Hi, Mom" after she returns from school.  Holly is generally a pretty happy girl and when she's not, well, it isn't long at all before she is again!

She loves being the big sister and helping out the little ones.  She also loves doing things for you when you ask and has enjoyed learning bigger girl chores.

We got her an MP3 for Christmas knowing how much enjoyment she'd get from that. Holly loves music and listens to it every day.

She also loves the outdoors, books, coloring, play-dough  and especially loves building things with blocks!

Holly often expresses to us her desire to be adopted and go to America like so many of her foster sisters and other children whom she's known from New Day that has also gone on before her.  All we can tell her is we also hope that some day she gets an adoptive family of her very own too, but all we can do is wait.  We soooo look forward to the day that we are able to share that news with Holly! In the meantime, we love caring for this very special girl and have given her a home with us for as long as it takes to see that dream of hers come true.

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