Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School Projects

The girls often have fun school projects--or at least we try to make them fun ones.

This week, Elise and Shawna had one in their Family and Consumer Science class. They've been studying Child Development and have had some fun projects like making a toy, checking toy quality, changing diapers (tell you about that one in a few:)), and this one was making their own finger paints. They then had to finger paint like a 4 year old--ha!

Do they need another reason to get all messy?!! I guess that's half the fun though, isn't it?!

Since other girls are home, they got to join in the fun. Elizabeth really liked getting her hands dirty creating some beautiful artwork!

Jenna decided to get funny on me when she knew I was taking pictures and stuck her tongue out for the picture. It did make for a cute picture anyway Jenna!

Then I got this picture of her laughing after she'd done the deed! Thank you Jenna, I got a great picture after-all!!

Shawna & Elise have been studying Child Development and have had a few projects in that class. Their last one involved changing a diaper, both disposable and cloth. That was fun! Though we used a simulated baby (a life-sized baby doll) and recreated the poo with mashed potatoes and a bit of food coloring, they did learn some very valuable lessons--like if you end up with a bit of "poo" on your face when your done, well...that's not a good thing at all--especially if it was for real! Better practice some more girls! They had a great time doing it and we all had a few laughs. I still say they should have used a real child!

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